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TopH is a cleaning company that specializes in comprehensive cleaning services, as well as sterilization. Of course, this is done with the best modern devices. And also the latest equipment. We also have the best cleaning cadres. Where we carry out cleaning operations, knowing that this is done at the highest quality levels. We also have a team of workers trained by experts in the field professionally. We also have maids at the highest level of cleanliness, honesty and competence to do all types of cleaning. Whether cleaning facilities, as well as cleaning the facades of glass companies, as well as chimneys and others.

We also clean office furniture and restaurants. We also vacuum carpets and rugs. We also carry out a comprehensive home sterilization process against all types of viruses. TopH also uses harmless materials, as well as safe for children. We also use steam sterilization. We also have hourly cleaning. As everyone knows that the cleaning process is usually a troublesome process for the owners but for us it is a fun and easy process. So the perfect solution is our team that is able to turn cleaning into a fun process that takes place quickly and with perfection.

TopH relies on the strongest team trained in cleaning work. For example, the destination cleaner. And internal cleanliness and cleanliness of homes, as well as clear marble. At Top H Cleaning, we focus on quality and speed of implementation. This is through an organized and tidy program. We also depend in the Top H Clean cleaning company on the use of high-quality materials with international brands, as well as that our suppliers are among the largest companies because we are confident that we will preserve the furniture and furnishings of our valued customers. using these global raw materials. Also use the latest devices, equipment and tools for cleaning homes and companies.


Top H Cleaning has become the best cleaning company in the United Arab Emirates, so it must provide the best related services. Its customers to gain their admiration as well as their trust and then ask for service again. Also, Top H is the best insect control company, as well as the best cleaning company, the best home sterilization company, and the best insect control company. We have the best trained cleaning maids by the best experts. Our company also uses the best cleaning and sterilization materials. In the end, you must try our company for once and certainly you will request our services many times.

Post-finish cleaning

تنظيف بعد التشطيب

It is one of the most important steps. After completing the finishing process. It is to do the cleaning in order to remove the remnants of the construction process stuck in the walls and ceramics.

Cleaning the inner and outer glass

تنظيف الزجاج الخارجي

The best techniques for cleaning the exterior glass of buildings as well as shops in the best modern ways and at the best prices.

Sofa and mattress cleaning

تنظيف الكنب

Professionals cleaning sofas as well as mattresses with the latest methods and new methods, for example steam, as well as the best competitive prices in the United Arab Emirates.

غسيل السجاد العميق بأحدث التقنيات

غسيل السجاد

Keep the carpet clean. Also, the carpet is an important thing in every home, so we are keen to use the best hygiene methods to clean carpets and rugs, as we use steam, brooms, international equipment and perfumes.

مكافحة الحشرات والآفات

مكافحة الحشرات

We provide the best services to combat all kinds of insects, rodents, mice, as well as bedbugs, through a team equipped with the latest pest control methods to ensure their elimination and non-return. As all pesticides are approved and safe and do not carry any unpleasant odors.

تنظيف المسابح العميق

تنظيف المسابح

Top H Cleaning Swimming Pool Cleaning Company offers a full service, on a regular and monthly basis, for a small fee and an excellent service.

تنظيف خزانات المياه

تنظيف خزانات المياه

Removing sediments, fungi, and sterilizing with the best techniques and advanced cleaning tools, and sterilizing the tank after the deep cleaning process

تعقيم ضد الفيروسات

التعقيم ضد الفيروسات

We provide sterilization service as well as comprehensive disinfection against viruses for homes, cars, offices, restaurants, shops, as well as malls. The best sterilization company in Dubai We use materials authorized by Dubai Municipality

تنظيف سيارات متنقل

غسيل سيارات متنقل

Whatever the type of your car, it is always in need of maintenance and care, and here we are not talking about maintenance of the engine or the interior parts only, but the exterior structure of the car and the interior cabin also needs to be taken care of always to maintain its quality for as long as possible

خبرة 15 عام

More than 15 years experience

Top H Corporation. It is one of the largest companies in the Emirates. Specialized in cleaning glass, marble and cladding facades. This is done by using advanced materials, for example (Spiderman), as well as scaffolding. and sliding stairs. In the end, TopH is one of the largest housekeeping companies, and we also clean homes and villas, pest control, and also mobile car washes. As well as disinfecting hood lines, Fresh Air (reservoirs), landscaping and pest control. And rodents for apartments, villas and companies. Then private and public facilities.

التنظيف بأساليب حديثة

Cleaning with modern scientific methods

We provide the best services and advice. In the field of hygiene (internal – external) by modern scientific methods. Wherever we use the latest equipment. As well as global technologies and health-safe materials. And without damaging the contents of the facility. And that with a high degree of efficiency as well as quality.

ثقة شركات

We have gained the trust of major international companies

Of course, we provide a specialized technical staff. Has scientific as well as practical experience to implement the program to the fullest. As well as providing the latest devices and equipment. And also the best cleaning materials and disinfectants. They added to sterilizers and air fresheners. We also provide our client with everything new in the field of hygiene. And that is the best materials that can be used without harming the contents of the facility.

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