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From the first moment our staff performs a carpet cleaning service. By placing their fingertips on the carpets of your home, the result will be more than wonderful, without any doubt. Accuracy and professionalism in dealing with carpets is their first task. always! We promise you will be amazed by the wonderful results you will see in the detailing of the rugs adorning the floor of your home. After completing its cleaning and sterilization operations at the best carpet cleaning company in Dubai.

TopH Cleaning carpet cleaning company is keen to satisfy customers and to form great long-term relationships with them, as evidenced by the impressive success it has achieved over the past 15 years until this moment! From washing dull carpets and fixing their color to removing stains and odors, you will find it all within the services of the best carpet cleaning company in Dubai.

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Top H carpet and rug cleaning services

. In a short time from the most important companies. Which works in carpet and rug cleaning in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, where the repair and coverage area was covered. Until it reaches the highest levels of cleanliness and glossiness, they use types of detergents and organic, so as not to do any damage to the carpet. Like fading or damage, use high-quality detergents that eliminate stains from the first time.

And because we are experienced in general cleaning services, we clean carpets and rugs and remove dirt and stains. Carpets are one of the most types of furniture that is affected by a lot of dirt. Since its main place is on the floor of the house, so you should take care of cleaning it periodically. Because it is more susceptible to food and dust falling on it, and we at Top H are a carpet cleaning company. We use the appropriate cleaning equipment for your carpet type.

Why clean carpets and rugs in Dubai

A tried and trusted carpet and rug cleaning company in Dubai.
She suffers from a stage during the grafting process during the process of cleaning the spaces in the Kadeeda area, this is what happened, we say to every woman. The available space for space: The available space for the land and the space for the space: 7 bedrooms.
Dry and disinfect carpets. As soon as possible, your result will be infinite.
Use powerful detergents that remove dirt from the first time.
The use of steam equipment and machines, where you use the means of communication via e-mail.
Receive specific requests from delay delay.
Clean up the workspace.
Our prices will not be matched by any other company working in the same field, as we are the cheapest and best cleaning methods undisputed.

When searching for the most famous names of carpet cleaning companies in Dubai

TopH Cleaning cleaning services must be one of the first options that you resort to. Then deep cleaning and drying, within a short period of time and by very distinguished experts.

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Carpet cleaning methods explained to you by the Top H cleaning carpet cleaning company

When the customer contacts the company’s customer service, an appointment will be set and the customer’s address will be attached with it.
The service employee asks the customer about the location of the carpet cleaning, whether at home or in the company’s laundry, and based on the customer’s desire, the following is done:
A large car with technicians inside is dispatched on time, to take the carpets and clean it in the company’s laundries.
When the carpets arrive at the laundry, the employee in charge writes down the name of the customer and the number of carpets that will be cleaned, as well as the delivery date.
The workers straighten the carpets, regardless of their size, colors or the material they are made of. We have a team trained in the best methods of cleaning.
At first the worker passes the vacuum cleaner over the carpet in general.

الادوات والمعدات المستخدمة 

مكانس كهربائية لشفط الأتربة ألمانية الصنع.
معدات غسيل بالبخار ”استيم”
ثم معدات تنظيف السطح بالرغوة ”سنجل ديسك”.
ومعدات شفط الرغوة بالتجفيف.
منظفات عالية الجودة.
فرش بعدة أحجام لتنظيف البقع الغير ظاهرة.
معطرات فرنسية وإيطالية ، لتدوم لفترات طويلة.

What distinguishes toph cleaning

Home cleaning and sterilization company offers the best tools for cleaning and sterilizing all rooms. Such as bedrooms, sitting rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lectures, sterilizing administrative offices, companies, schools, economic and commercial institutions, hotels and all entities. Sterilizing and coordinating public and private gardens and getting rid of germs and viruses that are in them.

Companies have become in the field of services. It works to provide a cleaning and disinfection service. To sterilize all places where customers are, whether sterilization at home, in the company, factories, offices, apartments and public institutions, due to the spread of viruses in the recent period, especially the emerging corona virus. Which makes our company a sterilization company that seeks to preserve the health of customers, which calls for the use of specialized sterilizers for sterilization and to eliminate viruses or germs on a large scale, and its results remain for a long time, and companies specialized in sterilizing any homes or companies were not in demand in past years as now. It seems that the spread of the Corona virus, as the global pandemic is currently, has drawn the attention of customers to the need to pay attention to the use of sterilization materials in homes, offices and companies on a regular basis, which makes them safe to a large extent, with interest in disinfecting and cleaning the spaces in which you are located, which calls for the use of the services of a company Sterilize for this.

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Determine the stains stuck on them, as the technician will put some special detergents to remove the stains.

Dealing with stains according to their type, as there are fat, coffee, ink, grease stains, and each type of stain has its own detergent, to remove them quickly without causing any damage to the carpet threads.
After removing the stains, the worker uses the cleaning equipment, whether steam equipment or foam washing equipment, and the supervisor decides to use the type of equipment, as he has experience in the types of carpets and the best cleaning methods.
If foam washing equipment is used, the operator runs the machine over each part of the carpet, until dirt and dust are removed.
The last step in carpet cleaning is to use a foam suction machine, where the worker passes the machine over the carpet, until all the foam is sucked out and cleanliness appears on it.
Hang the carpets on high racks in the sun, so that they are sterilized inside and out.
When the carpets are delivered, workers unload the carpets and scent them with long-lasting fresh scents.
The workers take the carpets in the company’s car to the customer’s place, and it is delivered on time.

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