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Top H cleaning company is considered the best leading company in the field of cleaning water tanks. According to our customers, we have been providing this water tank cleaning service for more than 15 years. Experience at the hands of highly trained workers and supervisors. And they have not a little experience that makes them able to implement the service of the highest quality. And in the shortest possible time to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Why you can count on TopH.

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Features of water tank cleaning service.

Quality: Our team consists of highly qualified and professional workers and supervisors. To ensure that we provide a high quality water tank cleaning service that satisfies us before the customer is satisfied with it.

Commitment: the most characteristic of “Top H Cling Company”. In all its services, including the water tank cleaning service, it is fully committed to the agreed upon dates.

Honesty and Commitment: “Top H Cling Company” guarantees to all its clients that all workers and supervisors. Who perform the water tank cleaning service on a very high level of honesty. Don’t worry about any personal belongings.

How to clean water tanks.


As the Dubai tank cleaning company provides advanced services for cleaning and sterilizing tanks. It aims to protect customers from water problems that are generated as a result of water stagnation. We work on washing tanks completely using modern equipment. It has the ability to get rid of any dirt and sediment retaliation. We are working to provide workers who are able to go down to the ground tanks. which are located deep under the earth’s surface to be cleaned. Among the most important characteristics that distinguish our employees:

• It develops itself and gets acquainted with the new in the tank cleaning market.
• She wears protective clothing that has the ability to protect her world.
• Our laborers do a health check on them so that customers can walk when dealing with us.
• We provide machines that the worker uses to help him get rid of tank dirt.
• We are working to provide employment. Which sprays tanks from the outside and inside to insulate them against water interactions.

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The process of cleaning and disinfecting tanks, in detail and in the correct manner, which helps to keep the water free of any sediments or harmful impurities that help in polluting the water of the tank, and keeping the water clean for as long as possible comes the role of sterilization, and it is a process that must be carried out to preserve the water of the tank For a longer period, and this is done by using some of the well-known chlorine materials, but there must be specialists who are familiar with the appropriate ratios to the volume of water in the tanks, and there are also some pills that play the role of sterilization instead of chlorine, and they are called chlorophyll pills, and sterilization is carried out by putting One tablet per cubic meter of water in the tank.

Water tank cleaning is a leading company with extensive experience in the field of disinfection, sterilization and maintenance of water tanks, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to water tank problems, including water tank maintenance services, and repair all problems that may affect most tanks in case of lack of attention With periodic maintenance and cleaning, many of us buy the tank and use it for a very long time and do not think that it must be cleaned and maintained every once in a while and this is for several reasons:

Keeping the tank clean and performing regular maintenance will increase its life span, and make it usable for a longer period, and this will save you money.
Cleaning the tanks every so often ensures that you use clean water for you and all your family members.
Cleaning the tanks every so often is to protect you from diseases caused by bacteria, which accumulate inside the tanks and transfer to the water.
Cleaning and maintaining tanks will make you discover any leaks that occur in the tank and treat them immediately, and this will protect you from leakage problems that may reach the ceiling or the roof of the house and cause a lot of damage

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The water tank needs a continuous cleaning process to ensure access to usable water and avoid the spread of diseases that appear as a result of water pollution among family members. It is undesirable and we are all worried about it, so if you guarantee the safety of the family, it uses safe materials and does not leave any negative effects on the health of the family or damage your tank. The company also has a wonderful device to measure the percentage of chlorine present as a disinfectant in hygiene.