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Because you deserve, we have provided you with a group of Filipino workers cleaning by the hour, which will do the deep cleaning that you deserve to be in. And you will become our permanent customer and we are honored to serve you in Top H Cleaning

Top H Cleaning Company for cleaning homes, villas and palaces, deep cleaning with the latest methods and the best materials, as well as sofas, carpets, and also steam curtains, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and swimming pools. Do not hesitate to contact us

The most characteristic of the lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates. It is to keep pace with the development of all kinds of services that individuals may need, and given that most of the country’s residents are from the working class, individuals are always looking for high-speed services. To save effort and time. This development touched upon an hourly cleaning service.

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Stages of cleaning the house

The cleaning process goes through several stages that we review together in order to make your home beautiful, clean and tidy.

First clean the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the house cleaning services. The most difficult thing that can be faced in the process of cleaning houses. This is to be used daily for cooking and the accumulation of a lot of dishes in it, as well as the accumulation of bacteria and food residues in the kitchen. It would affect the health and appetite of everyone in the house. Therefore, it is important to start cleaning the kitchen periodically and take care of it in order to have a home.

Clean and healthy.

First, we wash the kitchen utensils and items as normal. Or put it in the dishwasher if you have it.
Then we put the kitchen items in the cupboards so that they do not get dirty or dusty. Then we put a liquid solvent for fat on the surface of the stove.

Now we move to cleaning the kitchen surface of any fat so that it does not harden, and then we move to the stove. After the fat solvent does its job, we wipe the surface of the stove without getting tired or exhausted. Which you may suffer from as a result of cleaning the stove in the traditional, difficult way.

After that we reach the end of mopping the kitchen floor, always remember to clean the kitchen surfaces daily. In order not to face difficulty in cleaning it after a while, and to get rid of the garbage quickly periodically. In order not to accumulate and result in the presence of insects and unpleasant odors, which would bother you while you are in the kitchen and cause diseases as well.

With an hourly cleaning company

Secondly remove dust

A home cleaning company in Dubai starts in the upper areas. First, such as the fan, the comedino, the table, the window, and the dresser, and cleaning them, using a towel with disinfectant and a little water, and we wipe the dust from the furniture and furnishings, we clean the dust from the salon, the dining room, and the hall first, and usually the reception is the easiest place to clean because it is not used, and then we do the process Sweeping dust from floors using a broom.

Third, clean the rooms

With a house cleaning company in Dubai, the bedroom cleaning goes through two stages, the daily cleaning stage, which includes sweeping the floor, mopping the dust, perfuming the bed, and ventilating the room, and the second stage is the stage of deep cleaning, which must be carried out at least twice a month, to maintain cleanliness The room, the furniture for as long as possible, and giving it new touches in rearranging the decor, or placing new accessories.

Fourth, mopping the floors

Our house cleaning company in Dubai believes that the floor must be vacuumed and dust removed first, before the process of mopping the floor using the mop, in the beginning everything that hinders the scanning process must be removed. And cleaning the floor from carpets, rugs, cupboards, niches, table or chairs, and then we do the process of wiping and cleaning using the modern electric mop or electric mop.

Cleaning companies
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Fifthly, clean the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom daily is one of the basic necessities to keep your home clean. And your health and the health of your family. The bathroom can easily turn into a breeding ground for the presence of many viruses and bacteria, due to the high level of humidity in it, so you must take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom continuously, using cleaning tools, disinfectant and sterilizer to wipe the toilet seat. And the basin and bathtub, polishing the mirror, and wiping the floor thoroughly with disinfectant and sterilizer to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. Hourly cleaning.

And now we go to some small tasks in cleaning homes.
Change the furniture and bedding.
After removing the dust and wiping the floor, we change the bedding, bed sheets, mattresses and fabrics, which cover the furniture in the house with new and completely clean mattresses.

Polishing surfaces and mirrors.
We use two cloths, one wet and the other dry. In order to polish the glass surfaces and mirrors in the house, or you can use a damp cloth and newspaper.

It is an honor to serve you with more than 15 years of experience. Experience in the UAE market in providing services.
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