sterilization services

Top H company the best sterilization and disinfection services

Book the best sterilization service in Dubai for homes, offices, schools and hotels, with prices starting from 222 dirhams. Get rid of infectious germs and viruses today. Our sterilization services are the best, according to the testimony of our valued customers.

Prevention is better than cure

A mandatory or precautionary service for COVID-19 disinfection.
Disinfection service is available for offices, homes, warehouses and public places for indoor and outdoor work in Dubai.
Disinfection materials used approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality and/or Dubai Municipality to disinfect the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
Monthly contracts for recurring disinfection service are available at discounted rates. Call or chat with us for more information.

That sterilization services

Get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses in your home or office.

The surfaces and furniture that you use to eat, sleep and play with your children contain more germs and bacteria than you can imagine. Regular household cleaning will not eliminate viruses and bacteria. Take extra care by sanitizing your home in Abu Dhabi from infectious diseases, solutions and chemicals used by sterilization companies. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is completely harmless and safe for both children and pets.

Sanitize your home from germs

Home is the safest place, but don’t forget that germs and bacteria live with you. Sterilize your home to eliminate 99.999% of harmful viruses and germs. The solutions and chemicals used by disinfection and sterilization companies in Dubai are completely harmless and safe for both humans and pets.

Sterilization of offices and companies

The latest high-tech sterilization methods will be used to get rid of infectious bacteria in offices, meeting rooms, keyboards, and printers. Keep employees by booking with the best sterilization company in Dubai.

Disinfection and disinfection of commercial premises

Work places in companies or in schools, hotels, gyms, food industry, medical center, warehouses and factories avoid harmful germs and infectious bacteria quickly, keep your workplace to make it safe and clean from infectious diseases, viruses and bacteria. By booking with a sterilization company in Dubai.

The disinfection and disinfection of homes

Top H is the best home sterilization company in Dubai. We offer a comprehensive service for disinfection and sterilization in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Excellent services. We use safe materials for children authorized by Dubai Municipality. Stay in your home. We use materials that are not harmful to the respiratory system, nor to the health of cats or pets.

We have sterilization and disinfection of villas
Also sterilizing restaurants
In addition to sterilizing malls

What distinguishes us…

In light of the current spread of the new Corona virus. It has become necessary to use companies to clean and sterilize homes and companies. To ensure the elimination of viruses and germs circulating to protect members of society.


Sometimes it is not enough to clean touchable surfaces with soap and water to keep the place clean and safe for the health of children and adults. This makes us use a sterilization company to clean and sterilize homes and companies. To permanently eliminate viruses and germs.

There are many materials used in the sterilization process by home sterilization companies. But each of them has some damage, whether on the colors of furniture and clothing, or for the health of individuals. We at TopH Cleaning Services have mainly adopted hydrogen peroxide. As an effective substance in eliminating viruses and germs within a record time while preserving the furnishings and the health of individuals.

sterilization services

Our employees receive continuous awareness and training on sterilization operations, with access to the latest developments in sterilization equipment, methods, materials and prevention methods. Use of safety clothing and equipment.

With the issuance of the circular regarding the mandatory sterilization of offices and companies in March 2020 from the competent authorities. It has become necessary to carry out the sterilization process of companies through a qualified and accredited company with the issuance of a certificate stating that the work has been completed.

Home sterilization companies from the Corona virus

We consider ourselves at Top H Cleaning Services as partners with our customers in the process of sterilizing homes and companies. Where we provide sterilization services for all commercial activities. As (schools – hospitals – pharmacies – residential buildings – commercial buildings – factories – offices – companies) according to the protocol approved by government agencies.

Cleaning company

Regular cleaning uses standard cleaning equipment and materials to clean and wipe all dust and dirt off surfaces. surfaces and furniture in your home.

The disinfection and sterilization process requires special bio-pesticides, chemicals and equipment, and a considerable amount of time, therefore it is best to let professionals handle it for you, the service includes wiping your home and office, then disinfection and sterilization. To make sure your home is completely germ-free.
We recommend closing all windows and doors and turning off the air conditioner during the procedure as well as 15-20 minutes after the sterilization session is complete.
Our crew will bring all necessary materials (machine, sterilizing solution, clothing, mask, suite and gloves) – a power outlet is required to connect the device.
Depending on how well the hygiene is maintained, the sanitizer will protect the home/office for 10 days.

Home cleaning and sterilization company offers the best tools for cleaning and sterilizing all rooms. Such as bedrooms, sitting rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lectures, sterilizing administrative offices, companies, schools, economic and commercial institutions, hotels and all entities. Sterilizing and coordinating public and private gardens and getting rid of germs and viruses that are in them.

Companies in the field of services are working to provide a cleaning and disinfection service to sterilize all places where customers are, whether sterilization at home, in the company, factories, offices, apartments and public institutions, due to the spread of viruses in the recent period, especially the emerging corona virus, which makes our company a company Sterilization seeks to preserve the health of customers, which calls for the use of specialized sterilizers for sterilization and to eliminate viruses or germs on a large scale, and its results remain for a long time, and companies specialized in sterilizing any homes or companies were not in demand in past years as now, it seems that the spread of a virus Corona, as the global pandemic is currently, has drawn the attention of customers to the need to pay attention to the use of sterilization materials in homes, offices and companies on a regular basis, which makes them largely safe, with interest in disinfecting and cleaning the spaces in which you are located, which calls for the use of the services of a sterilization company for this matter.